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The list of accredited Deep Tissue Massage Therapists:

  1. Art Riggs
  2. Lukasz Czubaszewski,
  3. Piotr Szałanski,
  4. Agata Konarska,
  5. Agata Wilk-Banasik,
  6. Tomasz Gora,
  7. Justyna Chmiel,
  8. Kamil Choluj.

How to become an accredited Deep Tissue Massage Therapist:

Completion of a full training in one of the training centres accredited by IADTMP is required.

How to become a Certified Deep Tissue Massage Practitioner:

Completion of all trainings offered by Art Riggs: DTM I, DTM II, DTM Integrated Full Body Approach, Balancing the Pelvis, Ribs and Thoracic Spine as well as passing final examination is required.



The International Association of Deep Tissue Massage Practitioners (IADTMP) was founded by Polish instructors of Deep Tissue Massage. IADTMP is registered in Poland and associates Deep Tissue Massage teachers, therapists, students and enthusiasts.

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